Irani comedy movies

Many Iranian films are being made and released today. These films are initially sold for money and have different prices depending on the quality. Iranian comedy film has attracted the attention of many audiences today and not only is not limited to Iran itself but also many Iranians living abroad are looking to watch these films.

Since it is not possible for expatriates to buy Iranian films, we try to provide the latest Iranian serials and films to these loved ones for free as soon as possible.

Best Comedy Irani

In this post, we will briefly introduce several comedy films that have had more audiences and have been able to put a smile of satisfaction on the faces of the audience.

1. Iranian movie Women are angels 2 | Zanha fereshtehand 2

If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh and entertain you for a short time, we recommend you to watch this movie.

Iranian comedy cinema has undergone many changes in recent years and is very different from comedy cinema 20 years ago.

In the movie “Women are Angels 2”, actors such as Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Ali Sadeghi, Niousha Zeighami, Sahar Qureshi have played roles. This film is in the category of Iranian musical comedy films.

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2. Iranian Comedy Apartemane Aghaye Honarpishe

This film is an Iranian comedy with a social and family nature that was produced 5 years ago. Although “Mr. Honarpisheh’s Apartment” has a poor script and dialogue, it is still funny and you can laugh a little with this movie.

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3. Film Irani Comedy khob bad jelf 2

The story looks good at first and promises an action-comedy effect. Hamed Komili is in the negative role of the film. But the script also has its ingenuities and it has a lot of issues in it.

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4. Shabhaye Mafia All Parts

Mafia Nights (Shabhaye Mafia free), a series in the genre of comedy, family, competition, and reality show, is a product of 1399.
There are many actors in this competition and the process of the competition is such that in each season, an actor invites 12 of his artist friends to play and …

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Shabhaye Mafia Part 4