Morbius, The Living Vampire Release Date + Full Review

Many of you have probably heard the name of the movie Morbius, The Living Vampire, this movie will be one of the most attractive upcumming movies of 2022.
If you like stories about vampires, we recommend that you watch this movie. The story of this superhero movie is about Dr. Michael Morbius who gets a rare blood disease as a child. He goes through this period of illness and then does his best to save his life. He becomes a vampire after many experiments.

Morbius 2021 Release Date

Would you like to know more about the character of Morbius?

Morbius is a horror, thriller, and also superhero film based on the anti-hero of the same name in the comic books published by Marvel Comics.
This character created by the author Roy Thomas and designed by Gil Kane and was the first appearance of this character in the Amazing Spider-Man as a rival character.

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Morbius 2022 Official Trailer

What we learn from the movie trailer is that Morbius was not a vampire from the beginning. Like other Marvel characters, he had his own life and family.
Michael Morbius was a renowned biologist and Nobel laureate. He was born with a bloody and deadly disease that gave him an ugly appearance. For this reason, as a child, he hid himself from others and was very alone.

Despite his ugly appearance, Morbius was highly intelligent and interested in reading and researching from an early age. He became an expert in human and animal biology and won the Nobel Prize.
Morbius experimented extensively to find a cure for his illness. In one of these experiments, he tried to achieve a permanent cure from electroconvulsive therapy and bat DNA, which mistakenly…

What do you know about the actors in Morbius?

Jared Leto as Dr. Morbius

Sony Pictures has announced that Jared Leto is set to play the villainous character Morbius in the character’s independent film.

Morbius, The Living Vampire

“It’s going to be a Jekyll-Hyde-style movie that is big and fun and sometimes scary, which I think is very different for a film in this genre, and I’m very excited about it,” he says. This movie will become a big popcorn movie.
Dr. Michael Morbius is a scientist who works with a specific species of bat to find a cure for a serious illness. His experiments are then misdiagnosed, and Morbius turns into a living vampire bat that must feed on the blood of its victims to survive.
Although Morbius began his career as a villain against Spider-Man, he later became so popular that he emerged as the main character.

The role of Matt Smith has not been revealed yet!

Matt Smith in morbius
Matt Smith

Matt Smith joins the world of Marvel’s superhero characters and Sony Pictures.
According to the Hollywood Reporter website, Matt Smith joins Jared Leto in this superhero movie. We don’t know any details of Smith’s role in the film!

Adria Arjona

Morbius, The Living Vampire
Adria Arjona

Sony Pictures finally managed to add this actor to its project through several talks and negotiations. Arjona will play Morbius’ fiancé Martin, who becomes a possible victim after Morbius turns into a vampire.

Jared Harris as Morbius Consultant

In the first trailer of Morbius The Living Vampire, we saw that Jared Harris appeared in several scenes as a doctor in front of the camera, and in a way acted as a guide for Michael Morbius.

Jared Harris as Morbius, The Living Vampire Consultant
Morbius, The Living Vampire

Since there was no mention of Harris in the trailer during the trailer, many fans thought that the role of Dr. Octopus was entrusted to the British actor. In a recent interview at the SAG Awards 2020, Jared Harris rejected the fan theory and stated that he would not play Dr. Octopus in Morbius.

When is the release date of the Morbius, The Living Vampire movie?

Due to the non-opening of cinemas, studios have been changing the release dates of their films. Sony has decided to delay the release of Morbius until 2022, and this will be the second Sony film after Uncharted, which has been postponed from 2021 to 2022.

Morbius, The Living Vampire release date
Morbius, The Living Vampire

Also, Morbius has been delayed several times. The film was originally scheduled for release on July 10, 2020, and was later delayed until July 31, 2020. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the studio postponed the release of Morbius to March 19, 2021. Following the announcement that the cinemas will not open, Sony postponed the release of this film to October 8, 2021. Now, with the release date of January 2022, this film is facing an 18-month delay from its initial release date, and two years will pass from the release of the first trailer of this film when the film is released.

Morbius, The Living Vampire Movie Information

Movie Name: Morbius, The Living Vampire

Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure
Year of publication 2021
Product Country: USA
English language
Actors Jared Harris, Jared Leto, Matt Smith
Directed by Daniel Espinosa
Synopsis: It is about a man, Morbius, who works in an office and suffers from a rare blood disease. He decides to treat himself, but in the process turns into a vampire and the story turns into a horrible tragedy …

So far, it is unclear whether Morbius makes any reference to Spider-Man or other Marvel movie superheroes.
Even though Morbius is originally a Spider-Man antagonist in comics, the two characters never seem to appear in a movie.
The Morbius character is currently owned by Sony, which means that if Marvel wants to use the character in its cinematic world, Sony can allow Marvel Studios to use the character, but since Sony has released MCU Spider-Man movies. It also produces, and that he’s supposed to have a long future in the MCU world, Morbius can hypothesize in that world.

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