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This series is a product of Iran and is in the romantic and family genre. You can download Del in Coreimax and other parts of this series.

The series “Del” is a love story and drama that narrates the bitter path and adventures of a couple’s separation.

One of the highlights of this series is that all the roles have a very high financial status and everyone lives in the palace.

Summary Of Del series

For some reason, Rasta breaks up the wedding and upsets her family and Arash.
Others become careless when they see that he does not want to answer a lot of questions.
The only logic is that the questions should not be answered until the series continues.
On the night of the wedding, Turan calls Robbie (Mehraveh Sharifinia), who is in love with Arash, and tells him about it.
Ironically, that night is Robbie’s wedding, and he cancels the wedding
This symmetry seems very silly at times.
After being humiliated, Arash asks him the reason when Rasta appears, and Rosta constantly humiliates Arash with his cold behavior and …

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About Del

Director: Manouchehr Hadi
Author: Babak Kaidan, Meysam Kaidan
Producer: Javad Farhani
Sarah Bayat
Hamed Behdad
Yekta Nasser
Cyrus the Great
Mehraveh Sharifinia
Legendary Archive
Bijan Amkanian
Nasrin Moghanloo
Leila Zare
Saeed Rad
Bahram Afshari
Ali the speaker
Sara Najafi
Hussein Arab
Mohammad Hassan Moeini

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سریال اقا زاده

Serial Aghazadeh

سریال موچین

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