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Serial giso

The second season of the popular series “Asheghane” directed by Manouchehr Hadi with the new name of Giso is being produced and is scheduled to be broadcast soon. Gisoo’s story is different from romance, and new actors have been added to Giso’s team.

Summary of the story of Giso series

Not much information is available about this series, but it has been heard that in Giso series, in addition to dealing with romantic issues, money laundering is also shown.

The airing time of the Iranian serial Giso

The final stages of filming this series are underway, and if there is no problem in the broadcast process; We will see the broadcast of this series later this month.
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Actors of Giso TV series

Hanieh Tavassoli:
She is one of the new actors who has just entered the Giso project. She has replaced Mahnaz Afshar in the role of Giso.

Reza Golzar:
An attractive actor who is used in movies for more sales! In this film, Reza plays the role of a man who is the CEO of a company and…

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