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aghazadeh part 17

In the Aghazadeh series, we are facing a character who has put himself in the place of another person. In fact, it can be said that this woman has two characters. The Aghazadeh series is glamorous and does not have much resemblance to reality.

Film Aghazadeh is a romantic drama that also deals with challenging social, political, and economic issues and tells an enigmatic, inflammatory, and fascinating story. You can see Aghazadeh part 17 on this website.

تماشای انلاین و رایگان سریال اقازاده 17

Serial Aghazade was directed by Behrang Tofighi in 1398. This series is a product of Iran and in the Persian language. This series, which has been attracting attention in the country for several years, is gaining more and more attention day by day.

The movie Aghazadeh is a tough competitor for the series! The series is set to discuss a new topic, which has led to a lot of controversies.

Summary Aghazade part 17 | سریال اقازاده قسمت 17

The synopsis of the series reads: “This story ends with blood!”

The first part of Aghazade begins with the release of Razieh from prison. As soon as she is released, the people of Nima come to her and want to bring her back to their way, and brutally kill her when they see her refusal.

In this series, challenging adventures will take place that will attract the viewer.

About Series

Movie type: social, drama, romance
Made in Iran
Audience: Over 17 years old
Year of production: 2020
Film language: Persian
Director: Behrang Tawfiqi
Actors: Jamshid Hashempour, Mehdi Soltani, Azadeh Samadi, Sina Mehrad, Amin Tarakh, and …

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Home show series have increased a lot. But it can be said that their quality is getting worse day by day. Aghazadeh series depicts the life of a minister’s son who does whatever he wants with the money. The series does not have a good script, but it can attract a large audience.

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