Cheshmo Goosh Baste


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Cheshmo Goosh Baste

Cheshmo Goosh Baste

The film Cheshm o Goosh Baste, directed by Farzad Motman, is a comedy and comedy film produced in 1398. Movie jokes can make the audience laugh. These jokes are often about people’s conflicts in different situations. The presence of Amin Hayaee and Bahram Afshari is one of the good points of this Iranian film that has been able to create a happy and comedic atmosphere. The director of this film has gone into comedy style after many years.


A man is killed by a criminal woman and two strangers are arrested for murder. One has not seen the murder scene because he is blind, and the other has only seen the scene because he is deaf! They have a chance to survive this deadly one morning until sunset…

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You are also able to download this film in shopimopi Director: Farzad Motman Author: Homa Bazrafshan Producer: Amir Hossein Ashtianipour actors: Amin Hayayi Bahram Afshari Anahita Dargahi Massoud Keramati Linda Kiani

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