Edalat part 6


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Edalat part 6

The series Edalat was made in the drama and family genres in Turkey. Over the years, Turkish series have made a lot of noise. Here you can watch Edalat Part 6.
Many of these series have cultural vulgarity. However, it has a large audience.
Various actors have played roles in this series.

You can see Edalat Doble Farsi in here. The Edalat series has been translated into Persian by the best speakers and has been made available to you dear ones.


In this section of Edalat, Issues such as violence, theft, murder and betrayal occur. Justice is a controversial and problematic series. In these films, betrayal is common and corruption is common. Hope you enjoy.

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About Series

Serial Name: Justice part 6
Genre: Drama, Family, Social
Duration: 90 minutes
Original language: English
Dubbed language: Persian
Country: Turkey
Author: John Yaman
Director: Chetin Tekindor

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