Hamgonah part 9


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Hamgonah part 9


The series “Hamgonah”  is one of the newest series on the Home Show Network.
A series with famous actors and clever directors.
One of the charms of this series is the presence of strong actors in cinema and television, which promises bright moments.
The official Instagram page of the series gradually released images of the actors of the series.

Summary OF Hamgonah part 9

Following the revelation of the secret of Hamed, Sarah’s fiancée, about the previous marriage and her child, as well as Farid’s knowledge of the story, the “Saburi” family goes through a tumultuous night.
As the whole family tells Sarah the truth about what happened, she tries to keep her thoughts organized and move on, and spends the first few hours with her newlywed cousin, Peyman.

Arman is pursuing his “Ziba” adventure, regardless of the duties assigned to him by Farid.
Arman’s calls and messages have made Ziba work in the company and avoid Arman.
Arman goes to Ziba’s house to persuade her to come to work at the company, where she accidentally gets into a fight over Ziba’s son, which in part affects Ziba.


About Movie

Director: Mostafa Kiai
Author: Mohsen Kiai, Ali Kouchaki
Producer: Mostafa Kiai
Mohsen Kiai
Tehrani gift
Parviz Parastou’i
Roya Teymourian
Mehdi Pakdel

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