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One of the most lovable and, of course, most marginalized actresses in Iran is the guest of the fourth episode of the Hamrafiq program. Fatemeh Motamed Aria is one of the most active female artists in Iran, both in the field of acting and politics, who was banned from painting for some time.

Shahab Hosseini had announced that they were working on a dialogue-based program, and various reports were heard about their rallying.

هم رفیق قسمت 12

هم رفیق 12

The design of the content structure of this program, according to the goals of its creators, is calm and far from any challenge. One of the main features of the “Hamrafigh ” structure is music.

Shahab Hosseini is one of the most powerful and talented actors in our country. He was able to climb the ladder one by one.

Summary – Hamrafigh Ghesmate 12

In episode 12 of the Hamrafiq program, Shahab Hosseini is the host of Javad Ezzati and we will have an interesting conversation.

Detail | Hamrafigh Series

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Farsi language
Duration: one hour
Suitable for all ages
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