Jayi Baraye Fereshteha Nist


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Jayi Baraye Fereshteha Nist – Documentary of women’s lives

Jayi Baraye Fereshteha Nist documentary was made in 2019 and won the award for the best documentary of the Fajr Festival.
The film examines the lives of female athletes and has just been released online.
This film is in the genre of documentary, drama and social.

جایی برای فرشته ها نیست

There is no place for angles” is about the Iranian national girls hockey team and their complex problems on the way to the South Korean Asian Games. The federation is not able to finance this team and …

In fact, This film is a slice of the life of women in society…

تماشای آنلاین و رایگان فیلم جایی برای فرشته ها نیست

About the documentary

Type of film: documentary, drama, social
Product: 1398
Genre: Documentary
Director: Sam Sheriff
Product Country: Iran
Movie language: Persian
Duration: 100 minutes

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