Karte Parvaz


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Karte Parvaz

Film Karte Parvaz is in the social and family genre and is suitable for people over 13 years old. This film has an interesting beginning and depicts the realities of society. Karte Parvaz begins with a scream. A scream that at first evokes a disturbing image of a woman getting caught.

This fascinating film won the Best Actress award at the festival!

Film Karte Parvaz

Summary Of Karte Parvaz Movie

To solve her financial crisis, Neda has decided to transit by swallowing drugs, but this carries risks for her.
Neda is not feeling well and Mansour cancels the flight for fear of being exposed…

فیلم کارت پرواز

About Movie

Movie type: social, family
Director: Mehdi Rahmani
Country of origin: Iran
Movie language: Persian
Duration: 90 minutes
Audience: over 13 years old
Actors: Mohammad Ali Najafi, Tala Motazedi, Amin Ghavami, Mansour Shahbazi, Shirin Yazdanbakhsh, Neda Jabraili

تماشای رایگان فیلم کارت پرواز

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