Moochin part 1


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Moochin part 1

Mochin is an Iranian comedy series that deals with current issues and problems of society in the form of humor. The Moochin series has a comedic and social theme, and its first season is set in thirteen 45-minute episodes. Moochin part 1 now released and you can see it here! Most of the filming of this series will take place in Tehran.

Summary Of Mouchin

It is not fair that our world is so small that we see repetitive people a hundred times a day and it is so big that we cannot see the person we love even once…
This is what the film summarizes…

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About Moochin

Movie Type: Comedy
Made in Iran
Year of production: 2009
Director: Hossein Tabrizi
Cast: Ali Sadeghi, Marjaneh Golchin, Asha Mehrabi, Amir Nouri, Shohreh Lorestani, Zahra Jahromi and…

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