Serial Aghazadeh part 25

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Serial Aghazadeh part 25 (Aghazadeh Part 25 Free Watch)

In the continuation of this article, we have gathered a summary of what happened in the twenty-third episode of the Aghazadeh series. Serial Aghazadeh part 25 in the genre of social and political drama is the story of an Aghazadeh named Nima Bahri Amir Aghaei who committed economic violations and an agent named Hamed Tehrani Sina Mehrad who is also an Aghazadeh, but with completely opposite characteristics tries to take Nima’s hand. Turn around.

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Serial Aghazadeh part 25 TV series

After consenting, Tina and Sarah’s father intend to go to their hometown and ask Tina to come back with him, but she is told no. Tina says that she will not return until she takes revenge on some people and rides her father. He drives and goes inside the house himself.

in Serial Aghazadeh part 25, Tina is at home when Bahrami goes to her and Tina tells her that she has trampled on her sister’s blood and Bahrami says after explaining the issues that she herself caused her sister to get involved in these incidents. Tina tells him that she has enough evidence from them and takes revenge on her sister’s blood, which Bahrami tells her that if she does something, they will kill her, and Tina tells her past and says if You do not help me, do not help them…

Tina remembers the past when her sister had just entered into a relationship with Dr. Bahri and insisted on getting to know Razia so that she would not have a relationship with Nima, which led first to her opposition and then to her satisfaction.

Tina is out when Shahnam texts her and says that she wants to see you. After At Tina, she reminds her that one day after her sister Sara went to Haj Reza’s house to see Razia and went to her house, Sara insisted that her sister Tina helps Razia and Nima shakes her hand.

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the past

Sarah argues with Dr. Bahri at his house because of Razia and says that she has evidence from him as much as she wants, and she knows what he has done wrong that Dr. Bahri threatens to beat her, to which she responds. He takes a slap in the face of Sarah and says that we did not die and we also checked with the minister.

Sarah goes to her room and calls her sister and says that she has talked to Bahri and Tina says that she should go to her house as soon as possible and they will talk. Sarah calls Dr. Amir Bahri regularly but he does not answer…

Tina immediately calls Bahrami and takes the sea statistics from him and says that he is there and when Nima comes, he tells lies and hangs up the phone and tells Nima that greetings. Tina is untimely and there was nothing special.

A few nights later, Tina goes to Dr. Bahri’s house and talks to her sister about exposing them, saying that it is dangerous and that she does not know who she sided with when Dr. Bahri arrives and before she enters. Tina walks out the back door so that the doctor does not see her and gets in her car and puts the arrow that Sarah gave her in the dashboard of her car and calls her sister who the doctor picks up the phone and Tina without talking on her phone He cuts it off and then hears the sound of a bullet being fired and calls his sister again.

The doctor is sitting next to Sarah’s blood-soaked body as the police arrive and Tina cries and sees what is happening in front of her eyes and returns home to see Shahnam inside her house.


Tina went to Bahrami and said that Shahnam had sent her a message and told her to go to Razia. Razia is released and Tina goes to him. Tina initially resists. Tina says that Nima has released her. After her words are over, she takes him wherever he wants and Razia rides and They also talk to each other.

Razia tells her that she has paid back the ransom for her deeds and joys, that Tina says that she is new and that she has not seen her ransom yet, and that Razia wants to get out of the car, which Tina says that Nima still hopes for her… Nima’s side is listening to them on the phone.

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Tina continues that after sleeping in the fire of their love, Hamed blames all of Razia on her mistakes and throws her out of the house. یه Razia replies that she is with him and asks God if he was going to be released one day. He became a former Manley and did not live a single day.
After listening to them, Nima sends a message to Tina and who says “Go to Shahnam”
After reading Nima’s message to Bahrami over the phone, Tina tells Tina that she hopes her words will help her. Razia aggressively says why she did not help Nima when she had lost her reputation.
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Tina tells him that Sarah was his sister and because of him and her reputation, she told him the stories and told him that even Nima did not know that Sarah was his sister and that every one of them was other than him. He takes revenge because the main reason for Sarah’s death was Razia, and he goes to Shahnam and stands up and says that Nima asked him to bring her here and asks him what Hamed has that he has spent his whole life. She has left her foot, Razia has not yet realized that Tina has brought her here and she has nothing to do…
Tina gets out of the car and goes to Shahnam’s room and talks to him that Shahnam says it has nothing to do with him anymore and he has to leave…
As soon as Tina gets in the other car, Razia sees her, Shahnam locks the car in which Razia is, and Tina goes and calls in the direction of Tina’s phone, and Bahrami is behind the line who does not answer.

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He arrives at his house and starts playing the instrument to get better. Shahnam intends to scrap the car in which Razia is inside, which he begs and calls Shahnam’s name, but it is too late and the car is crushed by the machine…
Hamed came to the prison to see Razia, who was informed that he had been released for two days. Hamed comes out and calls his mother to get news of Razia, who is told no. Ms. Sharifa informs Haj Reza about Razia’s release, who is shocked and says that Hamed said so.
Tina tells Bahrami what will happen if they find her car. She says that a week before these cases, a complaint of stealing her car was registered, and if something goes wrong, her leg is not stuck.
Hamed is checking the prison cameras. What did Tabineh Razieh do after her release? She sees Tina’s car and removes her license plate number. Bahrami is consoling Tina and says that Razieh has paid the price for her actions and she had no involvement in Razieh’s death and if she did not take him, Nima would have suspected her.

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Bahrami tells Tina that he is behind her because of her love
Hamed’s colleague gets all the details of the license plate of the car he asked for and sends his photo to WhatsApp, where he finds out that it is Tina and goes to her and asks questions about when he last saw her and other things. He asks when Tina gets up and goes to show him her letter of complaint to the police about the theft of her car.
Hamed gets out of there and calls his colleague Amir Hossein and tells him to check all the cameras that pass through the prison and send them to awareness but to find a clue. Tina watches him from the terrace of her house and immediately goes back inside and picks up the arrow that her sister gave her.
Hamed goes to Agahi and answers some questions and says that he has no doubts about anyone, Amir Hossein tells him that the complaint was correct and Agahi says that it should take time for them to do something and declare Hamed missing. He sees the prison as if he realizes something…
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