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In serial Aghazadeh part 26, Nima is released from prison. Bahrami goes to Tina’s house and turns over some papers and tells Tina that with these papers she can blow up Nima’s life and make secret support for herself, and Tina says that she only sees humiliation. Nima calms me down.

Nima gets nervous about Bahrami’s absence, jumps to Shahnam, and calls Tina to go to his house and Shahnam says things that Nima seems to be upset about.

A man is reviewing the documents in Hamed’s wife’s case and asks questions about Razia’s relationship with Tina and Nima Bahri. Hamed cries remembering Razia’s memories and goes to the mosque.

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Nima and her father talk about Nima’s condition and Dr. Bahri says that his situation is dangerous now and he should listen to them so that they do not lose everything, but Nima is stubborn and says that he will not back down now. Kills.

Tina is at Dr. Bahri’s house when Bahrami arrives and gets in his car and interrogates her for looking for Bahri and they talk and say that Shahnam smells everything and leaves. And after getting off, he goes to Nima’s house.

Bahrami talks about partnering with a person in exchange for Nima’s freedom, but Dr. Bahri says that in this situation the only way we have is and tells Nima that everything will be solved.

Nima goes to Razia’s mourning ceremony, which Haj Reza and Hamed are shocked to see, and with his words, he makes Hamed nervous, but Haj Reza stops his son, and Nima goes inside and sits in the mosque, and after He returns for a while and gets in Bahrami’s car and says to find Alex as soon as possible.

Nima and Bahrami go home together when Shahnam takes Alex’s coat to Nima and Nima tell him that the situation is out of reach and he has to do something and get him out of there and Alex says everything He is ready and does the work of leaving whenever he wants.

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Sharifa, Hamed’s mother, talks impatiently about Hamed’s condition with her husband Reza and sheds tears, and asks her husband to pay more attention to his son and to get rid of the incident as soon as possible. Haj Reza goes to the boy’s room to meet him. Let him speak and his words calm him down.

Wath Will Happen In Aghazadeh

Tina and Bahrami are in the restaurant together and she tells Tina about Nima’s decisions…

Tina goes to see Hamed and tells him that he intends to talk to him and goes inside their house and tells Hamed that he has gambled on his life, but he decides to put Nima and his father in their place anyway, but Hamed does not believe her words, but Tina finally satisfies him with her words and Hamed says that she protects him so that he does not have any problems.

Hamed goes to the investigator of Nima’s case and tells him about Tina’s arrival and his words, and they assume that this is Nima’s new game.

Nima, Bahrami, and Shahnam have been summoned to carry out document transfer work, which Shahnam suspects of Bahrami’s work and monitors him.

Nima tells Shahnam to speak and he says that he trusts everyone a lot and tells about his suspicion of Bahrami and Nima answers that Bahrami is a tool that is in the law and commentary and if he makes a mistake at night Adam sends to him.

Tina is going to hold her concert and tells Bahrami to take Nima to her concert anyway and she does not answer her questions… Tina goes on stage to play and says she is mourning her sister and the pieces she plays for Her sister has written and when she starts playing, Sarah’s photos will be played and Nima will look at her without blinking her eyes and after a while, she will leave the stage and Bahrami will follow her.

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