Serial Aghazadeh Part 27

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Serial Aghazadeh Part 27 Watch Online And Free Download

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In serial Aghazadeh part 27 , we witnessed many events. This episode begins with Nima’s release from prison, as well as the story of Tina and Behrooz’s attachment and love affair. The two have joined hands to take Nima’s property. Of course, Behrooz’s only motivation may be financial, but this is not the case with Tina.

He seeks to overthrow and destroy Nima and somehow avenge the blood of his sister Sara. Due to his imprisonment and Nima’s thick case, Behrouz offers to save Nima’s property from confiscation and loss and offers him to make the documents in his own name. This is initially accepted by Nima, but then Alex disrupts the game and suggests to Nima that, despite the exit ban, he smuggled out of the country through the connections he has through Turkey. He then reviews the property and sends it to Nima. you can watch aghazadeh part 26 here.

When Tina realizes that Behrooz does not think much about retaliation and hitting Nima and focuses more on her property, she starts to work and this time tries to unite with Hamed. He goes to Hamed and states that he has a lot of information and documents from Nima that he can provide. Get ready to watch Aghazadeh series part 27.

Wath will happen in Aghazadeh


In the future, we must wait for Hamed and Nima to face each other again, but with the difference that in the previous time, Hamed confronted him in the form of a law enforcement officer and legally, but this time he was left out of Nima’s case and was wounded. Being himself after Razia’s murder, he seeks revenge. What will make these last 3 episodes of Aghazadeh much more spectacular than before. A comprehensive duel!

It seems that in episode 27 of Aghazadeh, Hamed finds Alex’s hiding place to take revenge and goes to him. Hamed kills Alex and then goes to jail. There, he bonds with Nima and gets involved with her. Hamed has suffered a mental breakdown due to Razia’s death and has nothing to lose, so he commits any dangerous and deadly act. Something that he avoided throughout the previous episodes and always tried to move with wise behavior and in the shadow of the law. However, every person has a capacity and can do dangerous things in critical situations.

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