Serial Aghazadeh Part 28

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The latest episode of the Aghazadeh series: Serial Aghazadeh Part 28

Serial Aghazade Part 28

In the new episode of Aghazadeh, Serial Aghazadeh Part 28: Haj Hassan goes to Haj Reza’s house to receive the documents that Hamed has collected. Unlike previous fights, Hamed and Nima talk to each other in prison. Nima says sarcastically to him: What is the story of your coming to prison? Sending you to talk to me? Do you want to play with me?
Hamed says “You who lost everything. Do you want to know why I came to prison? Because they took me up to Alex’s body”.

Hamed continues:
“The last time we saw each other, you told me to ask Razia about Alex, but when I went to Razia, she was dead.”

All your life is in Alex’s hands. Think about who knew everything about you and Alex. Tina told me everything about you and Alex and gave me Alex’s address.

Hamed is surrounded in prison by evil people. They want to harass Hamed. But Hamed does not underestimate and threatens them. Those evil people go to Hamed’s cell in the middle of the night to kill him, but Nima comes to Hamed’s aid and does not allow them to kill Hamed.

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Summary of previous episodes of Aghazadeh series

In the previous episode, we saw that Hamed was arrested and imprisoned for killing Alex. He had a physical fight with Nima in prison and they injured each other. Haj Hassan also seeks to erase his work from Nima Bahri’s case. For this reason, he buys the judge of the case and asks him to erase his name in exchange for money. Behrooz also gives all the evidence he has gathered against Nima to the judge so that Nima can be executed.


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