Serial Aghazadeh Part 29

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Serial Aghazadeh Part 29

Behrooz goes to see Haj Hassan, Haj Hassan says to him: What are you doing here in the middle of the night?
Behrouz says: Hamed and his father have interrogated Nima many times and Nima has mentioned your name and the story of becoming a minister. Dr. Bahri told me to tell Nima not to confess, but I came first to tell you.

Hassan tells Behrooz: You are not the one who should kill Nima. I will not see you here again. Only come to see me when I want to…

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The Last Part Of Aghazade Series

The interrogator goes to see Hamed and tells him: At the crime scene, a few drops of blood were found that were neither for you nor for Alex. This can prove that you are not a murderer.

Hamed says: I did not want to see you because of my case. Nima has calmed down and is talking about Lavasan lands. Behind all moral and economic corruption is Haj Hassan.

The next day, police find Alex’s killer. It turns out that Tina had told him that the person who killed Razia was Alex. Tina told Nozar: All of Nima’s property is in Alex’s hands. I remember you loved Razia very much, now is the time for revenge and…


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