Serial Ghorbaghe Part 2

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Biography of Hooman Sidi in serial Ghorbaghe part 2

Hooman Sidi (born December 29, 1980 in Rasht) is an Iranian director, actor, screenwriter and editor of Iranian cinema, theater and television.

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After graduating from high school and receiving a diploma in graphics, Hooman Sidi started his career by attending classes at the Rasht Young Cinema Association and making several short films. Then he came to Tehran and participated in Karnameh acting classes under the management of Parviz Parastavi.

He is the second child in the family and has 2 brothers (Hamed and Hamoon) and a sister (Hilda). His mother is retired from the Navy and his father is a retired employee of the Agricultural Bank. Sidi married Azadeh Samadi in 2006 and divorced her in 2013. Hooman Sidi co-starred with Reza Kianian in the film ‘A Piece of Bread’ in the early 1980s, and then played a small role in Asghar Farhadi’s Syrian Wednesday. He played the main role barefoot in Bahram Tavakoli’s paradise.

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Navid Mohammadzadeh is an Iranian film and theater actor. His role in “I’m Not Angry” was praised by many critics, so much so that many considered Mohammadzadeh worthy of receiving the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 32nd Fajr Film Festival.

You can watch serial ghorbaghe part 1 here.

Biography of Saber Abar

Saber Abar is an Iranian theater, film and television actor and director. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 27th Fajr Film Festival for his role in the film “About Eli” and was nominated for Best Actor at the 26th Fajr Film Festival for his role in “The Circle of Bells”.

Biography of Sahar Dolatshahi

Sahar Dolatshahi is an Iranian film, theater and television actor. He has acted in more than 30 Iranian films and series, and his first professional work was at the sleepy Nimroz Theater, directed by Ayatollah Najafi. His first film role was in 2005, in Asghar Farhadi’s film Chaharshanbeh Soori.

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