Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4

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Watch Online Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4

Ghorbaghe Part 4

Police arrest Ramin and interrogate him. The police ask Ramin a lot of questions so that he can find a connection between the murders.
Ramin explains: Farid had taken the police weapon and did not want to return it. Farid wanted to steal from a gold shop. He had a physical fight with me and Javad, and I was upset and separated from them. At night, he followed me to Lavasan. Then he threatened to rob us and kill us if we did not accept.

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Ghoorbaghe Series New Part – Ghoorbaghe Part 4

In Serial Ghorbaghe Part 4: Farid suddenly shot Javad and I wanted to stop him. His bridge shot into my brain. And then shot himself. The police asked him: Did he know your heart is on the right? Ramin replied: No, he did not know, otherwise he would have shot to my right.
The police told him that he could leave the police station but he should not leave the city. When Ramin comes out of the police station, Nouri is looking at him in his car and …

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