Serial Khob Bad Jelf Part 3

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خوب بد جلف قسمت 3

Serial Khob Bad Jelf Part 3 – دانلود رایگان سریال خوب، بد، جلف قسمت 3

Following the events that took place in the first part and in the compartment of the train carrying the hostages and Pejman was attacked by one of the ISIS members, this time the two are forced to have a drink by that person’s teammate (Asif) who is probably Contains harmful and harmful substances.
The Chechen man who had poured this liquid into their shoes met with resistance from both of them, but in the end, he threatened them and forced them to eat these substances!
He points out that this is an old custom in Chechnya to make a covenant of brotherhood between two people!

Sam Derakhshani is one the actor of this serial.

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