Serial Khob Bad Jelf Part 5

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خوب بد جلف قسمت 5

Serial Khob Bad Jelf Part 5 – دانلود رایگان سریال خوب، بد، جلف قسمت 5

Sasan, who claims that he had a master’s degree in electricity from the Sharif University of Technology; suspected the broken wires of the emergency brakes of the train cars, and thus realized that Pejman and Sam’s lives were in danger, and for this reason. Has been working to free them. He opens the train at the end and pulls them off the train by applying the parking brake and slowing down the train. Pejman and Sam are left in the forests around Tabriz and are looking for a way out of the forest this time.

At the same time, Farbod arrives at the train and inspects that Pejman and Sam are not there. A train official tells him that he forced all the passengers on the train, who were Persepolis fans, to leave due to quarrels and disorder at the previous station.


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