Serial Khoob Bad Jelf Part 8

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Serial Khoob Bad Jelf Part 8 – دانلود رایگان سریال خوب، بد، جلف قسمت 8

As police investigate the case of Sam and Pejman hostage-taking, spies try to convince Hesam Boalhous, who is in prison, to make a deal and deliver the yellow cake, but Hesam, who does not trust anyone, is not present until he comes out. Make a deal from prison. The spies have to find a way to get him out of jail. Meanwhile, it is reported that the officials, after seeing the filmed scenes of the film “Secret Army”, have evaluated it as an undoubted chance for the Fajr Festival awards and believe that Farbod Molina is a very talented director. Farbod is happy and excited to hear this news, but he realizes that this issue starts new troubles for the film and their whole mission.

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