Serial Malake Gedaian Part 13

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دانلود قسمت ۱۳ با کیفیت ۱۰۸۰

قسمت ۱۳ با کیفیت ۷۲۰

دانلود قسمت ۱۳ با کیفیت ۴۸۰

Serial Malake Gedaian Part 13-  سریال ملکه گدایان قسمت 13

Ms. Khorshid calls Alborz and cries while talking. He says: Alborz, my son, I miss you very much.
Alborz: Mom, where did you get my number? Did nothing happen to you?
Ms. Khorshid: Your father and I are fine. Where are you, my son? what’s going on with you?
Alborz: I’m fine, I can not say where my address is, I’m afraid the queen will find me.

Synopsis Of New Episode Of Malakeye Gedayan | Malake Gedaian Part 13

Leia gave the Alborz number to Ms. Khorshid so that she could call him and find his address. At the same time, Parsa found the address of Fariba’s office and went there with his people and …

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